"Every project and every client receives my individual and personal attention, no matter the budget."

Sarita Krishnamurthy, the owner of IN.De Interior Architecture and Design has over 18 years of experience managing and consulting at prestigious architectural firms in New York City, New York, and Denver, Colorado. She specializes in interior architecture and interior design for residential and commercial properties. Extensive renovations, custom furniture design and decor, and unique spaces come to life with a balance of functionality and design through Sarita's vision. Her style is as unique as her clients and as eclectic as her world travels. Sarita is a student of the world having studied and/or lived in India, Switzerland, England, Italy and across the United States. These experiences influence her interior design work on a daily basis, and impart a unique contribution to her design outlook as a more versatile designer. She combines old-world charm with modern sensibilities to create original spaces as exquisite as museum art, but as comfortable as home.

Sarita works closely with all clients and all budgets from implementation to completion. No project is too large and no budget is too small.  We bring high end flare to moderate projects by using the same concepts and methodology as we do in our premium designs, creating indulgent spaces on moderate budgets.

We place value on the enviroment and offer a variety of green products and solutions for the home or commercial spaces. The influence of culture, environments and the clients unique personalities and preferences allows us to create exclusive spaces that are warm, inviting and beautiful.

We are a full service Interior Architecture and Design firm. Projects range in scale and budget, from custom designed furnishings to full interior renovations. We work with consultants, vendors, and contractors during all phases of the creative and construction process. We encourage clients to be involved throughout all phases of their project, but can also deliver a turn key home.