Back Country 1

Back Country Residence

The Back Country Residence stands as an exquisite homage to the serene  grandeur of its mountain setting. This abode masterfully captures the essence  of its environment, combining natural elements with a design that exudes  relaxed elegance. The strategic placement of the furniture encourages  conversation while offering panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows  that frame the rugged beauty of the landscape like living art. 

In every corner, Krishnamurthy’s design philosophy rings true: to create  spaces that are not just lived in, but loved in. The elegant simplicity of the  decor, the carefully chosen materials, and the cohesion between the home  and its setting, all reflect a meticulous approach to creating a space that is  both beautiful and deeply personal. The Back Country Residence is a  testament to the idea that a home can be both a refuge and a piece of art,  crafted with respect for its environment and the people who dwell within its  walls 

Back Country Gallery