Coach Naples 1

COACH at Naples Outlet Collection

At the Naples Outlet Collection, the COACH store is an exemplar of design,  where Sarita Krishnamurthy’s discerning eye has transformed a commercial  space into a gallery that both showcases and elevates the artistry of COACH’s  products. Each detail is meticulously crafted, creating an environment that  transcends mere retail to become an immersive brand experience.

In the  Naples Outlet Collection, Sarita Krishnamurthy’s design for COACH does more  than house products; it creates an ambiance of elegance and exclusivity. It is  a space where the intrinsic beauty of each item is amplified by its  surroundings, where the environment is as thoughtfully composed as the  items it holds. Every element, from lighting to layout, is an intentional stroke in  a greater portrait of style and sophistication that Krishnamurthy has painted  for COACH.  

COACH at Naples Outlet Collection Gallery