recent residential Architectural design projects

Hampden South

This exterior renovation is an example of contemporary architecture that blends modern design with natural elements and art inspired details.

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Park Hill

A light, airy, open renovation that honors the heritage of Spanish Colonial design while embracing modern sensibilities.

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Back Country

The interior of this mountain style home is designed to be both livable and relaxed, with custom furnishings that create a sense of comfort and warmth, elegance and simplicity. The curated design reflects the natural beauty of the surroundings.

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This contemporary urban home embodies the essence of modern living with its sleek and sophisticated design.

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The natural, airy atmosphere of the kitchen creates a calm and relaxing ambiance, perfect for a relaxing seaside retreat.

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Country Club

From striking forms to daring pops of color, every detail is a bold statement where the sun-soaked elegance of Spanish Revival meets the sleek, sculptural lines of contemporary architecture.

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Cory Merrill

A timeless renovation where classic elegance is a blend of luxury and sophistication, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere that exudes refined charm at every turn.

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5th Avenue

Located in the heart of the upper east side, this vibrant apartment is a true masterpiece of bold and colorful design. Every detail in this space has been carefully curated to create a custom and unique aesthetic.

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recent retail Architectural design projects

COACH, The Falls Malls

A space created in simplicity and sophistication, allowing each creation to shine with brilliance.

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COACH, Naples Outlet Collection

Every detail is purposefully designed to draw focus to the artistry and intricacy of the curated selection of products.

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recent MULTIFAMILY RESIDENTIAL Architectural design projects

Legend Flats

Transforming a classic clubhouse into an urban oasis infused with the rebellious spirit of rock and roll, the vibrant energy of contemporary culture, and the bold hues of pop art.

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Sarita, being an architect and interior designer, had a solid understanding of the construction aspect while having amazing design sensibility.